New Test Brings Reels to Facebook
New Test Brings Reels to Facebook

Facebook has announced the start of testing a new feature, Facebook Reels, which will allow social media users to create short video content and share it directly in news feeds or groups.

The increase is an extension of tests launched earlier this year in India, Mexico and Canada that focused on providing short videos to users of the platform, including sharing via Instagram Reels within Facebook.

In addition, the company is testing a new feature that will allow Instagram creators in the US to display Instagram reels as recommended content on Facebook.

When YouTube users sign up, their videos, along with other Reels videos created on Facebook, will appear in the Reels section of the user's news feed.

By introducing new features, users can create roles in multiple places in Facebook.

You can click the Create button in the reel pane that appears when you scroll through the newsfeed, view the file, or click the bar at the top of the newsfeed.

Users can access a number of standard authoring tools, including video recording tools, music selection, importing photos from the camera, text timers, and more.

As for the audio, you can choose a song from the platform's music library, record your own, and even use other people's voices. This happens when Reels is set to show it to everyone.

There are also a variety of effects and editing tools to choose from. Includes a timer for recording roles and hands-free tools to speed up or slow down a portion of the video or audio. Plus a lot of augmented reality effects generated by Facebook or third party providers.

New Test Brings Reels to Facebook

Most of the Instagram Reels features are currently available through Facebook Reels, the company said. But as the test spread to more people, more features (like Remix) were added over time.

The user interface of Reels can also change over time and is different from Reels on Instagram. This is based on user feedback.

This functionality is provided within the group, where you can create scripts and then share them with community members who have similar interests.

You can search scrolls created by others in your newsfeed and in specific groups and pages. Like any other type of post, you can like, comment or share.

I recommend users to scroll based on users' interests, what they interact with, and popular content. This applies to Instagram and Facebook roles.

The company said it chose to roll out this feature as consumers become increasingly interested in videos, especially short videos.

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