With the M1X Apple wants to bring a high-end Mac mini to the market
With the M1X Apple wants to bring a high-end Mac mini to the market

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman in its Power On newsletter, Apple is planning to release a new high-end Mac mini with a similar new chip.

Last year the company introduced a number of new computers, including the M1 chip, the first processor it developed for computers.

The new iMac is the latest member of the series. But the company introduced new chipsets in the upgraded MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook Air.

But at the same time, I kept the old version of Mac mini. The new version is only intended to replace entry-level computers. So it also keeps the more expensive and more powerful version of the Mac mini.

These computers offer additional features, including more ports on the back. This also includes Intel processors, which Apple turned away from when it used its own processors in all computers.

For this purpose, the company has to provide more powerful chipsets for the Mac Mini in order to meet the higher requirements of more expensive hardware.

To achieve this goal, the company plans to use the M1X chip, which is scheduled to hit the market in the coming months.

With the M1X, Apple wants to bring a high-end Mac mini to the market

The company has historically used the "X" suffix when porting to the iPad to denote an upgraded version of the processor.

In most cases, this means using the underlying chip architecture that is currently being developed for the iPhone. But more CPU and GPU cores have been added so that the tablet can handle the higher requirements.

In addition to a more powerful processor, the company also plans to introduce an updated design. What this design looks like is not yet clear.

Most computers that receive M1 upgrades retain the same design. The new iMac is the only device the company has redesigned with a new chip, and not only does it feature new colors, it's thinner and lighter than the previous model.

Like the iMac before it, the Mac mini has seen no transformation in many years. The design is the same as in 2010, but the ports and finishes have changed a bit.

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