BOOGIIO 1080P Dash Camera for Cars with 2.4 IPS Screen
BOOGIIO 1080P Dash Camera for Cars with 2.4 IPS Screen

Front Driving Recorder with 2.4" IPS Screen, BOOGIIO OK-103C 1080P Car Driving Recorder, Mini Driving Recorder with Gravity Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Evidence Description, Motion Detection

2.4 inch IPS screen

Among the other main types of displays, IPS panels have the best colors. Easily adjust settings and preview images on the easy-to-read 2.4" IPS screen

1080P Full HD Lens

The 1080P HD lens provides clearer videos and images, records the events you participate in and gives you clear evidence that can prove your innocence.

parking mode

In this mode, when the camera detects the effect of reaching the specified G-sensor level on the camera, it will automatically turn on and record a video. The video will be locked and recorded so that the loop recording function will not overwrite it.

Episode recording

Record files and use loop recording so that the newest video replaces the oldest. You can change the loop recording time to 1, 3 or 5 minutes

Evidence lock

When the gravity sensor technology detects abnormal vehicle vibration, it will block the video to prevent the loop recording feature from accidentally recording the important file in question.

watch now

The camera uses the micro USB power input instead of the micro USB. Display the material directly on the device screen or on the card reader

Easy to install

Installing a tachograph is a simple process and usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete setup

Humanized design

Small and compact design. It has an intuitive menu that allows you to customize the dashcam menu with these buttons, and it is easier to use

BOOGIIO 1080P Dash Camera for Cars with 2.4 IPS Screen
BOOGIIO 1080P Dash Camera for Cars with 2.4 IPS Screen

  •     2.4 inch Vivid IPS Screen & 1080P Screen - The OK-103C car dashboard camera is equipped with Full HD 1080P lens which can provide clearer videos and pictures. The IPS screen displays images with better color accuracy than other screens, so you can easily preview materials directly on the device
  •     Parking Monitor - Like most car recorders, the OK-103C has a small battery built in. If an effect up to G-sensor level is detected in standby mode, the camera will automatically turn on and record video. Protect your car around the clock
  •     Smooth Repeat Cycle - This small police camera records file usage and recording frequency, so the newest video replaces the oldest to reduce storage space. You can assign minutes to each clip instead of recording everything in one clip. Finding a single file based on event and date/time is much easier than finding a large file
  •     Accidentally saved valuable files
  •     SMALL BUT VERSATILE - The driving recorder's advantages are obvious. In the event of an accident, we have videos showing the culprits. On the other hand, if something strange or interesting happens along the way, we can post a video and share it online. ⚡ (Please note that microSD card is not included)

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