Get ready for Google to change the way ads work
Get ready for Google to change the way ads work

Without cookies, which are used to track browsing habits between websites, it is difficult to imagine an effective digital advertising system in popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

However, the question remains how to display relevant ads that match their interests based on the websites they visit, how to find out if people interact with your ads on the web and then take action on your website.

Google is changing how ads are targeted

Google has launched a program called Privacy Sandbox, which encourages online communities to work together to develop privacy-conscious alternatives to cookies.

This allows businesses to continue to grow by serving relevant ads and measuring results without having to follow people across the network.

This method is possible thanks to the following data protection declaration:

  •     Instead of following individuals to see where each other's interests lie, put people into large groups with similar interests.
  •     Keep individuals anonymous by limiting the amount of data that can be shared about them rather than measuring how people respond to ads to reveal their identity.
  •     Keep everyone's device information private rather than collecting their information while showing your ads.

In addition, the privacy sandbox technology also includes recommendations to prevent ad fraud and browser fingerprinting.

Changing this size order may seem technically complicated. But this is how Google can help other advertising companies. Google does most of the work behind the scenes by turning cookies into these privacy alternatives.

So if you are a publisher, you can still buy and sell ads on any platform you rely on today. But it is more private and on demand.

New data protection sandbox technology implemented

The new navigation technology that Google puts into its browser usually goes through several stages before it becomes widespread. It's about giving advertisers and other browser developers the opportunity to discuss, test, and provide feedback to build trust and demonstrate the effectiveness of the new approach.

Although the technology is still in its infancy. The goal is to publish every suggestion as a feature in Google Chrome and any other browser that chooses a new technology. Then the advertising companies can start using it in their products.

What can you do now

If you are the owner of a business that uses ads to spread viruses, consider another way to track people online. There are important steps you need to take to grow your business, including finding ways to build direct relationships with customers. Use solutions that use automation and machine learning to identify trends and typical results when there are gaps in your marketing campaigns.

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