Surveillance cameras can now move and fly
Surveillance cameras can now move and fly

Surveillance cameras have evolved a lot in recent years. These tiny devices can detect and sense motion, send alerts to homeowners, interact with the home's digital components, and more.

Perhaps the only problem with these devices is that they are fixed. Therefore, it can only record what you see in the lens. However, the rapid development of these products will change this situation.

Surveillance cameras can now fly within a certain range and record everything that happens there. Or hang around this place, for example we find Ring Always Home Cam or Beehive from Sunflower Labs.

flight control camera

These new generations can continue to care about what's going on at home. Some of them can also come in the form of cleaning robots, which on the one hand clean the house and on the other hand guard it.

Perhaps with these advanced technologies the question arises: Are we ready to accept these technologies?

There is no doubt that these technologies can be misused and threaten user privacy and security. On the other hand, there are also physical risks, in short these cameras are quadcopters that can harm users.

On the other hand, collisions between air traffic control cameras and people can cause serious bodily injury. This has already happened with cameras like the Bee Flying from Sunflower Labs.

But these devices provide a very important function of collision prevention. The flying camera recognizes someone in its path. In this case you can fly to avoid him. However, accidents happen again and again.

Since these devices average 15 feet above the ground, their small size makes them safe for children.

The new surveillance camera can provide flight or navigation functions. A flying camera is usually used for surveillance outside the home, while a moving camera is used to monitor what's going on inside.

Airplane surveillance cameras are expensive. The Sunflower Labs Bee Camera retails for up to $10,000. The Ring Always Home Cam portable camera costs just $250.

Due to the price and ease of use, mobile cameras are expected to be more popular than most mainstream cameras.

Mobile surveillance cameras still raise a number of privacy concerns. It can only crack or leak data. In addition, it can collect data and images that users do not want to collect.

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