The features Apple should offer in the next generation AirPods Max
The features Apple should offer in the next generation AirPods Max

At the end of last year, Apple released AirPods Max. This is the company's first over-the-ear headphone, and it obviously doesn't count the Beats earbuds.

The new helmet offers attractive features and functionality. However, the price can reach $ 550, moreover, like any other product, this headset also has some problems and drawbacks.

The company has a great opportunity to improve the second generation AirPods Max before its launch, especially Apple's apparent interest in acoustics on the one hand and its leadership in the audio market on the other.

The next generation of AirPods Max

There is currently no information on the next generation of AirPods Max headphones. In addition, the previous version is considered the first version, so there is no specific release date for the release of the new product.

Apple may avoid launching a new generation of headphones in the coming months. But overall, Apple has a lot of functions and features to add to its new headphones.

Perhaps the first of these features is lossless audio support. This was after Apple officially endorsed it in the Apple Music app. Oddly enough, corporate headphones don't currently support this feature.

There is no doubt that Apple intends to support this feature in all of its future headphones. Otherwise, it will not shoot. The expensive AirPods Max is probably the first earphone to support this feature.

Support for this feature in next-generation amplifiers makes it a great choice for audiophiles. Because this feature allows you to listen to music without sacrificing (as the name implies) the quality of the music or the clarity of the sound of the instrument used.

What Apple offers

Perhaps one of the most important things about AirPods Max and Apple products in general is their seamless integration with all the company's other products (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.). This would be an ideal step to improve the speed and quality of communication between the amplifiers and other company products.

AirPods Max was a pioneer in the field of acoustic insulation. However, Apple has exaggerated the question based on the opinions of many users. Because the earphone isolates all external noise as the wearer may not hear important sounds in the area.

The sound isolation can be controlled by the user, but this does not prevent the improvement of the virtual experience of the headset.

Many AirPods Max reviewers refer to the protective case. Its design is very poor. It does the job perfectly, but it might be a good idea to redesign it. Many companies have released headphone accessories and protective cases.

The headset has a Lightning port for charging, and Apple relies on this port for most of its products. However, there is no doubt that it would be better to replace it with a USB-C port, especially since it offers faster charging speeds.

But it is clear that Apple chose this port because it is the same port as the iPhone. There is no doubt that users are more willing to own one charging cable for headphones and mobile phones than two.

Apple is also expected to improve battery life in future versions of the headphones. Mainly because it is a bulky headset and can hold a larger battery, plus the replacement battery has a discounted price as a replacement battery for the headset is $79.

The headset also doesn't have a basic 3.5mm audio jack, and users will have to pay an extra $35 to get it. It's strange for headphones of this size.

Apple does not cooperate with Android support, but providing more headphone support for Android may attract more users.

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