The main leaks and expectations for the iPhone 14
The main leaks and expectations for the iPhone 14

Apple's launch of the iPhone 13 series is closer than ever. We are just a few weeks away from this event. However, this did not stop the leaks and expectations from the appearance of the upcoming iPhone 14 and 2022 phones.

Of course, the current iPhone 14 leaks aren't entirely accurate. It only gives us a preliminary understanding of this first version. Experts have suggested that Apple itself may not have final plans for the iPhone 14 yet.

The iPhone 14 is expected to have four different versions. These versions differ mainly in screen size. And in 2022, a new version of the "mini" version may appear.

iPhone 14 leaks

As we mentioned earlier, the iPhone 14 will be released in 2022, specifically in September, a specific date of the year, a date that will not be interrupted until 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new phone will be equipped with the flagship A16 processor from Apple. There is no information about this chip yet, in fact, there is not much information about the A15 chip on the iPhone 13 in a couple of weeks.

And since Apple introduced a 5nm processor the previous year, which represents a very high manufacturing precision, we don't expect any more complex beats in a short time.

JP Morgan Chase previously revealed that the frame used in the 14th Edition will be made of titanium instead of stainless steel.

In another report, we learned that Apple will introduce a 120Hz LTPO OLED display in the iPhone 14. These screens are made by LG, the industry leader. Perhaps this leak is quite disappointing as it indicates that the iPhone 13 does not offer this functionality.

Famous Apple leaker Guo Mingchi shared a leak, claiming that Apple will also install a fingerprint sensor under the display on the iPhone 14. As mentioned earlier, this phone will have four versions as follows:

  •     5.4 inch screen
  •     6.1 inch screen Standard Edition
  •     The size of the professional version is 6.1 inches
  •     The size of the Pro Max version is 6.7 inches

At the same time, previous leaks indicated that Apple plans to release a "Max" version at a lower price. It could be the same as the regular version, but the screen is bigger and there are no changes to the specs or the camera.

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