Volkswagen offers 4G connectivity options in the car
Volkswagen offers 4G connectivity options in the car

Volkswagen has introduced a new functionality for its connected car service Car-Net, with which you can access 4G data from two major US telecommunications companies.

This feature is known as Carrier of Choice and offers a choice of Verizon or T-Mobile, making it relatively easy to add your vehicle to your existing commuting plan.

From September, owners of the German company's cars in the US will be able to access subscription options via Volkswagen's website or mobile app.

From there you can add an account to your existing mobile operator (Verizon or T-Mobile provided) and link it to your existing Volkswagen Network subscription.

It will then appear as a new line on your current invoice. If you don't subscribe to these companies, you can get unlimited 4G data for just $20 a month.

Car-Net provides networked vehicle functions such as remote start, lock and unlock, maintenance and condition, young driver alert (curfew, limit, speed), etc.

These features can be accessed via the company's updated mobile app from iPhone and Android smartphones.

It also provides a wireless network access point for up to four devices with unlimited 4G connections.

Most importantly, the company gives you access to the iHeart Radio and TIDAL media streaming apps. This is done with a paid subscription.

Volkswagen offers 4G connectivity options in the car

It also offers a Plus Nav subscription with real-time traffic and route updates for $49 per year. Subscribe to 30,000 international radio stations for $8 a year and choose a natural language for $9 a year.

The company's 2019 models and later supports CarPlay and Android Auto and gives you many of these options for free.

Car-Net is standard on most 2020 and newer Volkswagen models.

The German company is the first car manufacturer to partner with Verizon and T-Mobile, giving customers the flexibility to choose between several wireless service providers. The onboard Car-Net radio access point is activated via the built-in technology.

Volkswagen owners and passengers no longer have to use their mobile phone data for in-car entertainment. You can currently purchase unlimited data for your car through Verizon or T-Mobile through Car-Net.

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