Walmart is trying to beat Amazon
Walmart is trying to beat Amazon

Walmart has announced that it will provide logistics and delivery services to other companies as part of its new delivery business in the United States.

The service called Walmart GoLocal hopes to offer a delivery-as-a-service product to businesses large and small, which is another way for the company to outperform Amazon.

Detailed information on Wal-Mart's GoLocal is still very scarce. Although the company stated that the price of the service is competitive. It has signed a number of contractual agreements with private clients and local companies.

The company said: “At a time when customers expect speed and reliability, it is more important than ever that businesses work with service providers who understand business needs.”

The company has spent several years developing and expanding its commercial capabilities to support its network of more than 4,700 stores. He is happy to help other companies get the same reliable and affordable service.

According to Wal-Mart, the price depends on the needs of customers and the services they want to provide to customers.

Wal-Mart GoLocal provided some additional details. Customers order directly from a small business whose platform is connected to Wal-Mart.

In turn, Wal-Mart GoLocal sends delivery drivers from its Spark delivery network to merchant stores to collect merchandise and then deliver it to buyers, collecting relevant feedback for transmission to the company.

Walmart is trying to beat Amazon

One difference from the Wal-Mart version is the set of drivers. Reuters said the drivers serving GoLocal customers at Wal-Mart were sourced from the company's Spark delivery service.

Walmart says it also delivers via drones or self-driving cars, depending on delivery volume and location.

The company's investment in the FAA-approved DroneUp could help the drone market segment.

Another company's investment in Cruise's self-driving electric cars could help connect self-driving cars.

GoLocal, Spark, DroneUp, and other brands and investments are evidence that Walmart focused on delivery before Amazon became the norm.

Amazon, the world's leading online store, delivers packages using a same-day delivery service called Flex. And she signed a contract with the fleet of trucks that put the packages in front of the door.

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