Xbox gets xCloud
Xbox gets xCloud

Microsoft has announced that it will roll out its xCloud game streaming service on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X during the holidays later this year to change the way people experience games across platforms.

While it is possible to download and play games without worrying about the hassles of physical copying, downloading also has its own issues.

It may take some time to download the game. In contrast, many games take up all your storage space, and there is not enough space to try other games.

The XCloud integration allows Xbox owners to click-to-play and stream it instantly with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so players can try out the game before the massive game download process usually takes hours.

Over 100 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games are provided as part of the initial xCloud integration, and Xbox players can try out the game while waiting for the game to fully download.

This xCloud integration also allows players on Xbox to switch to multiplayer games simply by sending invitations to friends. Avoid waiting for the installation to complete.

Microsoft is updating the Xbox Dashboard on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X platforms. It includes a cloud icon to display games that can be streamed instantly.

Xbox gets xCloud

Like other xCloud games, media streaming supports resolutions up to 1080p and 60fps. So it will not replace those with 4K TVs.

While the service will also land on Xbox One. This means that Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X exclusives, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Medium, will soon be available on the legacy Xbox One platform.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the date of Microsoft Flight Simulator via xCloud and has announced that the game will be released in the future.

The new xCloud integration will be available to Xbox Insiders ahead of a broader release this fall. The company plans to announce the details of the test soon.

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