Amazon plans to boost active monitoring of AWS
Amazon plans to boost active monitoring of AWS

According to Reuters, Amazon plans to take a more proactive approach to identifying and enforcing the types of content that violate its cloud service policies, such as rules against violence.

The move could reignite the debate over energy technology companies that need to restrict free speech.

In the coming months, the company will recruit a small group of people into the AWS division to develop expertise and work with external researchers to monitor future threats.

Experts believe that Amazon, the world's largest cloud service provider with a 40% market share, could become one of the most powerful arbitrators of online content worldwide.

Amazon said it does not plan to review content before it is published on the platform. But she refused to confirm or deny the details. However, the company has released an emphatic statement that the team's direct resistance approach may change.

The e-commerce giant has denied reports that it actively monitors content through its hosting service.

A company spokesman said: Reuters reported a bug. The AWS Trust and Security team has no plans to change policies or procedures, and the team is still here.

Shortly after the January 6 riots, Amazon removed the social networking app Talking from its cloud service because it allowed the posting of content encouraging violence.

An AWS spokesperson said: “The AWS Trust and Security team is committed to protecting AWS customers, partners, and Internet users from entities that attempt to use our services for improper or illegal purposes.

If the AWS Trust and Security team becomes aware of illegal behavior on AWS services, they will act immediately to investigate and contact customers for appropriate action.

The spokesperson added that the AWS Trust and Security team does not pre-screen any customer hosted content. As AWS continues to grow, we expect the team to continue to grow.

Amazon plans to boost active monitoring on AWS

Amazon has always adhered to the AWS Acceptable Use Policy. This prohibits the use of this service for hacking, spam, violence promotion, or any other criminal activity. However, the application of these terms generally relies on reports from external users to identify prohibited content.

While the policy itself will not change, strict management practices put AWS in the same category as large platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Terror researchers have already called for a more proactive approach to hosting platforms. "Companies should actively monitor content on their platforms to ensure they are not inadvertently hosting it," they said.

This decision was made after Apple made a similar change. Recently, a system was announced that can actively search iCloud Photos for child abuse photos.

The new hires are part of a larger recruitment drive led by CEO Andy Gacy. Who was previously responsible for AWS?

Gacy plans to hire up to 55,000 new employees. Including a major expansion of the company's satellite internet ambitions under the Kuiper Plan.

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