Apple glasses must be connected to an iPhone to be used
Apple glasses must be connected to an iPhone to be used

Apple's VR headset is designed to rely on another device, and you may need to move more CPU-intensive tasks to a connected iPhone or Mac.

The company is expected to develop a custom glass chip, a SoC-based system that lacks the functionality of the company's other processors.

The new chip does not contain the Apple Neural Engine that processes artificial intelligence and machine learning. But compared to traditional chips, its design is better suited for wireless data transmission and reception, video compression and decompression.

If the glasses are designed to stream data from another device instead of doing heavy processing themselves, then that makes sense.

The chip is designed to maximize energy efficiency to maximize battery life so that unused parts of the chip can be removed and data transferred from another device.

With wearable technology like a watch or glasses, there is always a good balance between battery life, performance, and functionality.

The original Apple Watch delegated many tasks to the connected iPhone. But the company then managed to make its internal processors powerful enough to handle some of them.

Apple glasses must be connected to an iPhone to be used

Bloomberg reported in 2020 that previous versions of the glasses were expected to use a separate fixed hub until Joni Ive stepped in and announced that they should be self-sufficient, with Tim Cook alongside Joni Ive.

The glasses have their own CPU and GPU. It will probably connect to a mobile phone or tablet and work even in a simple standalone mode.

Some company devices (such as the Apple Watch) can still perform basic tasks in low battery mode.

The device has an unusually large image sensor and it seems difficult to manufacture the size of the eyeglass lens. It aims to capture high-resolution image data about the user to achieve augmented reality.

Since glasses are both a virtual reality device and an augmented reality device, this can come in handy.

It is difficult to use virtual reality without obstructing the user's vision. It is also difficult to use augmented reality when the user cannot see the outside world.

The image sensor can be used to provide a view of the user's surroundings from inside the glasses, similar to what Oculus displays. But the quality might be better.

Although there have been rumors for many years that Apple is developing augmented reality devices. But this idea is still in the center.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that we may see helmet-shaped glasses in 2022. But the new report says it will be at least a year before glass chips are mass-produced.

The most stylish eyewear models could appear as early as 2023, and Koo is expected to appear in the middle of 2025.

Unlike helmet-shaped glasses, there are rumors that these more stylish glasses are for augmented reality.

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