VDEOI K18 Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy Detector
VDEOI K18 Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy Detector

VDEOI Hidden Camera Detector Spy Detector - RF Detector, Flaw Detector, GPS Tracker, GSM Monitor Detector

Infrared scanning

The special infrared lens and infrared LED flashlight will help you find invisible wired or wireless cameras including hidden cameras, spy cameras, WiFi cameras, pinhole cameras, IP cameras, etc.

detect magnetic field signal

In the magnetic field detection mode, it can detect the position and error of the magnetic attraction, and hold the magnetic locator and GPS tracker with the magnetic field probe.

RF signal detection

In the wireless radio detection mode, the wireless surveillance camera, the tracker and the power source can be detected via the antenna. There are also errors in the SIM card (2G, 3G, 4G), GSM monitors.

conference room

They can be used in offices, important business negotiations, confidential meetings, protect your conversations and protect your trade secrets.

Motels and hotels

The hotel or changing rooms are likely to be monitored. With Camera Detector, you can accurately detect hidden cameras, spy cams and bugs.


This signal finder is your best choice to find vehicle tracking devices and GPS signal locators.

VDEOI K18 Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy Detector
VDEOI K18 Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy Detector

  •  Data protection: exclusive detector with more powerful and comprehensive advanced chipset functions. It is designed for various vulnerabilities, hidden cameras, automatic trackers, and targeted prevention development. Completely protect your privacy and security.
  • Multiple Detection Modes: The locator provides multi-functional detection, including laser scanning, radio frequency signal detection, and magnetic field detection. It can effectively detect and find faults, GPS locators, wireless hidden cameras, wired security cameras, car and telephone wiretaps, digital wiretapping systems, electrical radiation and other signal sources.
  • Multifunctional and powerful: The spy detector can be used to find hidden cameras, track cars, monitor, etc. With the anti-hiding camera, the detector can provide high frequency signal detection and laser scanning at the same time, so the hidden camera has no place to hide. It is used for anti-tracking, supports detection of magnetic field signals, accurately detects and locates GPS.
  • Wide range of applications: the detector can be used in personal places, important business negotiations, homes, hotel rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, car tracking, government facilities, etc. No matter when and where, if you don't trust your surroundings, a detector can help you feel safe.
  • EASY TO USE AND CARRY: The upgraded equipment is lightweight and easy to use and carry. If a suspicious RF signal or magnetic field is detected, the scanner will warn you with an indicator light, vibration or a beep sound. Special laser lens and LED laser light help you scan wired or wireless invisible cameras.

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