Because of the monopoly Google is exposed to risks around the world
Because of the monopoly Google is exposed to risks around the world

Google is one of the greatest technology companies of all time. The company operates all over the world, and its products and services are located in most countries around the world. While this benefits the company and increases its profits, it also makes it subservient to the governments of these countries.

Google is stuck in monopoly cases all over the world, especially in European countries. In 2017 alone, the company was fined $2.7 billion, and that number doubled to $5 billion in 2018.

In general, foreign governments began to treat Google differently. Not satisfied with fines and compensation. Instead, try to change the way Google and other companies caught up in monopoly fees operate.

In fact, the Australian government introduced a new law last February that allows news publishers to negotiate with companies like Google and Facebook to get paid for information they quote and show to users.

In addition, South Korea passed a new law in August last year. The law allows app developers to offer payment methods other than those of Google and Apple in the Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

Google and the monopoly case

These new laws show us the new methods that countries are beginning to adopt. It is no longer limited to fines. Companies like Google in particular haven't had many problems with fines. Because it brings huge profits. In the second quarter of 2021 alone, it reached $61.9 billion.

As mentioned earlier, Google has lived a lot in South Korea and Australia. However, he was not severely affected. However, the company can start to really fight Turkey.

This is because the company controls local search in a way that many consider harmful. For example, if you search for “Chinese restaurant,” Google will show you the search results first. Like map results or your own recommendations. Users have to keep scrolling until they see organic search results.

Yelp was directly affected by these results. Due to its location it is possible to visit shops, restaurants and even doctors and bars. Yelp has taken legal action in Turkey.

As usual, the American giant has confirmed that its search results are the most useful to users. However, it appears that the Turkish judge did not believe him and said that the company violated Article 6 of the Turkish Competition Law.

The company was fined up to $36 million in Turkey. However, this fine was not enough as the company reached this amount in just two hours. But the greater risk is that the court, with a preliminary ruling, will force the company to solve the problem rather than differentiate itself from its competitors in search results.

So far, no law has directly applied or affected US business, but perhaps what happened in Turkey is forcing the company to gradually transform its operations before facing major problems.

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