What happens to the App Store after the new law is implemented
What happens to the App Store after the new law is implemented

The first court ruling was issued in the Apple and Epic Games case a week ago. This decision may have shocked both companies on the one hand and their supporters on the other. There he photographed Apple and the App Store.

Epic Games would probably like to make a big change in iOS. He hopes to completely change the way software is distributed on the platform, including the ability to download apps from outside or run a standalone store.

However, Epic Games hasn't: The crux of the court's permanent ruling is forcing Apple to allow developers to add apps and games to the App Store using third-party payment methods. While Epic Games by no means took advantage of this, the court allowed Apple to block the return of Fortnite.

The future of the App Store

Many questions arose after the court's decision, perhaps the most important of which is how developers can take advantage of these laws. Especially after knowing that Apple may have the right to pay taxes outside of its payment system.

Many laws are found in the App Store laws, even if the payment is done from abroad, Apple can take advantage of them.

So far, no one knows how the App Store rules will change to comply with the court ruling. That's because Apple - and every other big company - has a whole team of legal professionals tasked with crafting and drafting laws using their services.

On the other hand, the law is clear and precise, as developers have the right to add external payment methods. But there is no doubt that Apple has dozens of ways to get users not to use it, and some app developers can avoid them too.

On the other hand, the vision of approved payment services for use in applications and services is still unclear. Again, these services have their own cost and app developers must pay for them or charge users.

There is no doubt that user experience will influence the user's choice of payment through Apple's built-in payment method or third-party payment method. Where Apple can click a button to pay, but the payment steps can be more complicated depending on the external methods and the user himself may be tempted to choose the Apple payment method, especially if he thinks it is more secure.

Apple mainly depends on the big developers. Most of the revenue comes from just 2% of apps. When doing these applications avoid using external funds. Or if its users insist on using Apple's payment method, all Epic Games' efforts will be in vain.

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