CNN blocks Australians from accessing its Facebook page
CNN blocks Australians from accessing its Facebook page

After a court ruled that editors may be liable for defamation in the public comment space, CNN has blocked Australians from accessing its Facebook page and the social media company has refused to stop the comments in the country.

The move makes CNN, a subsidiary of AT&T, the first major news organization to withdraw its Facebook business in Australia since the Australian High Court ruled this month that editors should be legally responsible for comments made in articles, even if those articles are not defamatory.

The decision was heavily criticized by libel lawyers, who accused Australia of failing to keep pace with technological change, noting that unlike the US and UK, US and UK laws protect publishers from online comments. no effect.

Australia is currently reviewing its defamation laws. But at the same time, other global news organizations, especially those who think they can survive on Facebook without an Australian audience, can take CNN's approach.

For Australian media companies, the move also adds complexity to their dealings with social media giants as many of them benefit from a new law requiring social media companies to pay for it.

When accessed from Australia, CNN's Facebook page displayed an error message. The US News Agency said Facebook rejected a request to help disrupt public comments in the country in the wake of the ruling. He was released in an ongoing defamation case.

A CNN spokesperson said: "We are disappointed by Facebook's inability to ensure that its platform is a place for reliable coverage and productive conversation between users on the news."

CNN pulls Facebook activities in Australia

A Facebook spokesperson said the recent court rulings point to the need to reform Australia's defamation laws. The company hopes for more clarity and safety in this area.

While we do not provide legal advice to CNN, the spokesperson said. We'll provide you with up-to-date information about the tools we offer to help editors manage comments.

As in most parts of the world, social media is the main channel for content distribution in Australia. About two-thirds of the 25 million users use Facebook.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Canberra in early 2021, nearly a third of Australians said they use Facebook as a source of information.

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