Facebook allows reels to be used in the USA
Facebook allows reels to be used in the USA

After starting beta testing last month, Facebook rolled out the Reels feature to all US users on iOS and Android.

This feature is Facebook's answer to TikTok and allows content creators to use various editing tools to create and share short video content including music, audio, augmented reality effects, use of timer, countdown, etc.

Through public posting, content creators can create movies directly on the Facebook platform and share their Instagram reels on social media to help them build followers on these two apps.

In addition, the platform is now sharing more details about how it intends to advance the development of the reels.

The company is launching a new rewards program that pays YouTube users when people watch their Reels videos. Funding the program is part of the company's larger commitment to investing more than $1 billion in YouTubers by 2022, which will also pay YouTubers to run certain types of ads and receive payments through Stars. (Default prompts) Wait.

The Reels Play Rewards program will be expanded through Instagram to Reels Summer Rewards, and eligible content creators will be compensated based on Reels' performance on Facebook and Instagram. It pays off for videos that got 1,000 or more views in 30 days.

The new plan is open to content creators in the United States. It is also currently available. It was later expanded to include other global markets.

Reels via Facebook completed the test

The company said it is also developing other ways for creators to make money from the reels. It is planned to test new ad formats in rolls, including poster ads and banner ads.

It also plans to incorporate a standard tipping system, the Stars, into the reels so fans can pay directly to their favorite reel maker.

The company also plans to monetize the reels as a product by testing full-screen and immersive ads (similar to Tik Tok) that appear between reels.

Facebook said these ads allow users to connect with brands and other small businesses. Similar to the scroll itself, viewers can comment, like, view, save, share and ignore the ads that appear in the Instagram scrollbar.

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