Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9
Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9

Facebook and Ray-Ban are excited to announce their upcoming smart glasses on September 9th, and it looks like this is the first real look inside the social media giant's much-anticipated glasses.

Ray-Ban posted a promotional page with an eyeglasses outline on 9/9/2021 that reads "Sign up now to receive notification of your release".

The brand did not say whether it was the news release or the release itself. But Ray-Ban's homepage promises that you might want to follow this story, it might be a reference to Facebook Stories.

The announcement coincided with clear teaser videos from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Head of Virtual and Augmented Reality Division Andrew Bosworth.

These articles feature videos from the perspective of Bosworth and Zuckerberg, including Bosworth Golf and Zuckerberg Boating.

It seems to be anything to view the sports landscape in all weathers.

The social media giant and Ray-Ban parent company EssilorLuxottica have developed claims that their glasses are a stepping stone to full augmented reality glasses.

The company announced last year that the glasses would go on sale in 2021. Zuckerberg confirmed in July that the glasses represent the company's next launch of the device. Although a date was not announced at the time.

But the glasses they were designed for have the iconic Ray-Ban shape that you can use to do cool things.

Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9

The glasses are part of Facebook's larger plan to create glasses that can make the world a better place visually and acoustically.

However, you will not have the usual features associated with AR glasses, such as the ability to view images around them.

On the contrary, it is likely to be similar to one of the previous generations of Snap Spectacles. It has evolved into a virtual prototype of augmented reality glasses.

The company is also likely to retain the neural bracelet technology in future versions, which are seen as the future of augmented reality interaction.

The company is developing more advanced prototypes for augmented reality. But it shouldn't come out in two years.

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