Microsoft launches a dedicated news service Start
Microsoft launches a dedicated news service Start

Microsoft has introduced its own personalized news reading experience called Microsoft Start. In addition to integration with other company products (including Windows 10, Windows 11, and Microsoft Edge web browsers), it can also be used as a website and mobile app.

A feed that summarizes the content from news publishers. But the company said it was tailored to the interests of individual users.

Custom systems can help companies better compete with the news reading experience of competitors like Apple or Google and popular third-party apps like Flipboard or SmartNews.

The product builds on the company's traditional foundation and provides services to consumers over the Internet and mobile devices such as MSN and Microsoft News. However, it does not replace MSN. The service is always available. Although the introduction of this new internal competitor.

To use Microsoft Start, consumers can visit the standalone website, which runs on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. But not safari.

Or you can download the Microsoft Start mobile app for iOS or Android. The service also improves the messaging and attention experience from the Windows 10 taskbar and the tools experience from Windows 11. It can be used in Microsoft Edge from the new tab.

At first glance, Microsoft Start is like any other online portal, offering a range of news from various publishers, as well as widgets like weather, stocks, sports scores, and traffic.

If you click on Read Article, you will be taken to the released version hosted on a Microsoft domain that has the Microsoft Start navigation bar at the top and emoji interaction buttons below the title.

Users can also use emojis to interact with stories on the same homepage.

This set of emojis is similar to the emoji provided by Facebook, except that Microsoft has replaced the controversial smiley face emoji on Facebook with thoughtful emoji.

Microsoft launches a dedicated news service Start

The company has also made another change to its emoji: after you reply to a story with emojis, you'll see your own emoji instead of the first three and the total number of reactions.

Although web portals are often static aggregators of news content, Microsoft Home Feeds adapt to users' interests in different ways.

Users can click a dedicated button to be taken to a page where they can manually add and remove some of the most important categories of interest such as news, entertainment, sports, technology, currency, finance, travel, health, shopping, etc.

You can also search for more specific or specialized categories and interests.

Then when the user starts browsing the Microsoft startup feed. They can also click a button to like or dislike an item to better customize the feed to their preferences.

The more users interact with the content over time, the more accurate the feed becomes. The company found that this customization improved artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as human monitoring.

Streaming is supported by ads. If you scroll down, you will find that there is an ad unit every few lines. The URL is marked with a green "My Ad" banner.

The company has not closed down MSN and has incorporated this information service into many other products. It expands the range of available ads you can display with this version.

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