Fuji announces new GFX 50S II camera
Fuji announces new GFX 50S II camera

Fujifilm has announced a number of new devices, including multiple cameras and lenses for the GFX and X Systems.

The new GFX 50S II is the latest member of the GFX line of cameras, and the company's newest mid-range camera.

Retailing at $3999 a case, it's the company's cheapest entry-level GFX camera to date.

In contrast, the GFX 100S is priced at $5,999 while the GFX 50S is still priced at $5,499. Thus, going under $4,000 may be significant for programming.

The GFX 50S II is equipped with a 51.4 MP sensor that is 1.7 times larger than a full-frame camera like the Sony A7 III.

There is 5-axis body image stabilization, improved autofocus, and a chassis the same size as the GFX 100S.

The company said the GFX 50S II opens up new possibilities for traditional mid-size digital cameras by integrating in vivo image stabilization functions. This is because you have more space to take pictures with your hands instead of holding it on a tripod.

Thanks to the latest X4 processor, the GFX 50S II has a faster and more accurate autofocus function than its predecessor.

However, the disadvantage of this sensor is that it is based on autofocus with contrast detection and not on the more powerful phase detection method of the GFX 100S and many other companies' cameras.

Fuji announces new GFX 50S II camera

As the body design goes well with the GFX 100S, the dials and controls on the camera are basically the same.

The camera has an SLR-style PASM dial and a 1.8-inch monochrome screen on top of the camera that lets you see your current shooting settings.

The main 3.2-inch LCD screen can be tilted in three directions for high- and low-angle shooting.

The camera offers simulations of 19 iconic corporate films, including "Nostalgia" which debuted in the GFX 100S.

Late last year, the company also launched a "Pixel Shift Multi Shooting" mode that can combine 16 RAW images into a high-resolution 200MP DNG file.

The company is also selling this camera as a set with a new 35-70mm lens for $4,499. It should be listed at the end of October.

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