Google makes Gmail a hub for voice and video calls
Google makes Gmail a hub for voice and video calls

Google announced additional Google Workspace features last year as its suite of communications software changed pace.

While there will be some minor updates soon, the biggest change is the Gmail overhaul, which reveals to the company its true nature: the central hub for every communication app.

The company is adding the ability to use Google Meet to connect with other Google users. But in the Gmail mobile app, not the Google Meet app.

After you get started and enable this feature, you can connect to Gmail (and join Google Meet) just like any other VoIP app.

The company said that the standalone Google Meet app will at some point have the same calling function instead of just creating group meetings.

This change illustrates the importance of Gmail for making major changes in Google Workspace. The company hopes to increase the popularity of Gmail to increase the adoption rate of its other services.

Gmail is now the equivalent of Microsoft Outlook from Google. After that it became the center of many services.

Outlook is the home of Microsoft email, calendar, and contacts, and Gmail is Google's email, one-to-one chat, group chat, video conferencing, and call center.

The company has renamed Room Spaces, a Slack-like product that offers group chats.

The renaming will allow the company to discover places through search (optional) and add full support for feed messages to make it easier to find places.

As with other group chat apps, discussion threads are displayed in an additional column on the left.

The company said that users can hide tags they haven't used before.

In the coming weeks, the redesign will be initially rolled out to business users. After that, it was offered to regular Gmail customers.

Google makes Gmail a hub for voice and video calls

For minor updates, you can now use your location in the calendar to respond to meeting invitations.

The company will launch a so-called companion mode feature in November. This is the system that allows you to connect to the meeting through your laptop and audio and video system in the main room. It is muted by default.

The company is expanding its line of One Series devices that are compatible with Google Meet. Unlike Google devices (like the Pixel), One Series devices are made by other companies. This seems to be in keeping with Google's design aesthetic and is primarily used with Google software.

The company is working with Cisco to ensure that devices built for Google Meet connect to Webex meetings. Devices designed for Webex can connect to Google Meet.

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