Series One Desk 27: Google Meet devices
Series One Desk 27: Google Meet devices

Google has announced two new devices designed specifically for use with Google Meet. The Series One Desk 27 and Series One Board 65 are both manufactured by Avocor but are part of the Series One software for Google Communication Platform compatible devices.

In addition to the standard Intel Core i5 processor, the device also includes a dedicated Google Edge TPU chip.

As the name suggests, the Series One Desk 27 is a 27-inch monitor with dedicated speakers, microphone, camera, and touchscreen.

In addition to being used as a standalone video conferencing device, it can also be used as a laptop monitor.

There is a USB-C socket on the back. Once connected, the laptop can use its own audio and video combo for video calls and use the 45W USB-C PD for charging.

But these are not consumer devices. Instead, Google plans to install it on the wall of a small conference room or in an open office.

Like almost all business gear, the 27-inch model isn't cheap at $1,999.

Series One Desk 27: Google Meet devices

Although it uses Chrome OS to support its standalone functionality in Google Meet. However, it cannot be used as a conventional all-in-one device.

The 5MP camera has a 100-degree field of view, can zoom and pan to keep the subject clear, and has a privacy screen.

There are eight microphones that use the Edge TPU chip and Google's artificial intelligence to eliminate ambient noise.

The screen itself is a touch screen and can also be used as a whiteboard with the stylus attached. It has a resolution of 1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and can automatically adjust color and brightness to ambient light conditions.

In addition to this device and other announcements from Google Workspace, the company also announced that it has entered into a partnership with Cisco. This should mean that devices designed for Google Meet or Webex can interact.

Therefore, Series One Desk 27 can connect to Webex calls. The Webex device must be able to connect to Google Meet.

The One Desk 27 series is expected to be available later this year. The larger Series One tablet will be released next year.

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