Is Apple building a search engine to rival Google?
Is Apple building a search engine to rival Google?

Apple has done well in many areas, from software development to hardware and hardware. When it comes to searching the Internet, the American giant still has to rely on Google.

Nothing can stop Apple from developing its own search engine, especially when there are more than a billion iPhones worldwide. and millions of iPads and MacBooks. Once a new service is introduced, the company can reach a large number of users.

In addition, in 2020, Apple began displaying its search results on the iPhone home screen when using the search engine. This is clearly an attempt to use his technology in this field.

Apple search engine

The search function is one of the most important functions that every Internet user needs. Google is the most unique company that provides search services.

In fact, Google pays Apple between $80 to $12 billion annually. This is because its search engine is still the default search engine for iPhones.

The US Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit seriously threatened this cooperation. Because Google has monopolized the search service on the iPhone. Maybe the Cupertino giant really wants to leave Google and cancel the deal.

No doubt he made a lot of money with Google under this contract, but he always relied on his competitors.

The introduction of a new search engine could prevent Apple from working with Google. On the other hand, Apple needs this technology to train Siri. Not to mention the billions in revenue generated from ads via search engines.

While it's hard for these two companies to get out of their online search, it's not uncommon for Apple to develop new technology from scratch. Perhaps the most obvious example is that Intel gave it up in exchange for developing and using its own M processor for the MacBook.

The company is said to have $200 billion in cash that allows it to fund any research or development. However, building a new search engine requires a lot of time and effort. It suffices more than 114,000 employees at Google, and the majority of them are working on the development of the search engine.

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