Sevensnow 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Camera for Cars with GPS
Sevensnow 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Camera for Cars with GPS

Sevensnow 2.5K Mirror Recorder with GPS, Front & Rear Dual View Camera, 10" Touch Screen Rear View Camera, Advanced Night Vision, WiFi Control, Waterproof Rear View Camera, Parking Assistant

  •     Dashcam C790 Smart Driving Recorder - So you can share everything. Unlike old car cam, you can use voice commands to activate video lock to record great moments from the trip, share your videos with friends or add them to your social media platform at any time.
  •     2.5K & 1080P DUAL RECORDING - This dual camera captures in crystal clear what's happening before and after the car. The 330-degree wide-angle field of view of the two cameras can monitor all directions around you.
  •     10 inch Touch Screen - Provides a clear and vivid view and brings a new experience. With a wider field of view and greater clarity, every detail of your flight can be captured.
  •     Higher level of night vision - This dashcam has a diaphragm viewfinder that can capture clear, color-accurate images even in low-light environments without additional light.
  •     Emergency Lock Video - After the built-in G-Sensor detects a collision, the drive recorder starts recording video. The video is locked so that it will not be overwritten during re-recording. Offer the best insurance for your car.
  •     The built-in Wi-Fi dash cam videos can be downloaded directly to your smartphone and easily shared on social media. An easy way for the driver to review the video and capture information.
  •     GPS Tracking - The external GPS device can accurately record vehicle speed (KM/H or MP/H), location and driving route, so that you and the driver can track the GPS data on the computer, making it a reliable evidence in the accident that makes an accident.
  •     Reversing camera with parking assist function - The rear camera shows the rear view of the vehicle by displaying a high-definition video stream in the rearview mirror. When reversing, the mirror screen shows the parking aid line and makes parking easy and safe.
  •     Professional Customer Service - We look forward to all constructive suggestions from you. Our goal is for our customers to feel valued. In order to further enjoy our high quality products, we can provide all necessary accessories upon request.

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