Mercedes has an electric concept version of the G-Wagen
Mercedes has an electric concept version of the G-Wagen

Mercedes has unveiled an electric concept version of its luxury off-road vehicle G-Wagen and shows that its large SUV has an electric future.

At the end of development, the company said it was testing a production version of the vehicle on the 4,741-foot Shockley Mountain in Graz, Australia, to demonstrate its off-road capabilities.

The company's presentation at IAA Mobility Munich 2021 didn't reveal many details about the official EQG version of the electric SUV.

It also does not mention the rated range, battery size, or electric motor power. But they use four electric motors, one near each wheel, and have a low-profile, high-quality transmission with 22-inch wheels.

Mercedes said it could cut back on off-road driving thanks to its two-speed convertible transmission.

The Concept EQG represents Mercedes' first attempt to modify the next-generation G-Class sedan, which debuted at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

The EQG concept version shows a highly possible design for the next electric G car. It has the same square and round headlights as the classic G-Wagen.

It also incorporates new design elements from the brand's electric vehicles. It includes a black front panel that replaces the grille, with lighted perforation and illuminated Mercedes logo.

Mercedes has an electric concept version of the G-Wagen

The protective tape is also illuminated on the side of the body. The additional rear frame is also replaced with a lockable cover that can accommodate the charging cable.

On the front edge of the flat roof is an LED light strip that simulates off-road headlights, while red taillights illuminate the brake lights.

The AMG G63 is currently the top model of the G-segment sedan, equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine with 577 hp. The company said it has produced high-performance versions of the EQ series. That's why I'm also looking forward to the AMG EQG.

EQG integrates a variety of electric vehicles that can handle rough terrain on arrival. General Motors revitalized the Hummer brand and produced two all-electric versions: SUVs and pickups.

Startup Rivian is in the process of launching its first pickup truck. The SUV should be on the market this year.

Ford also unveiled an all-electric version of the recently revived Bronco SUV.

For more than 40 years, the G-Class has been an icon of luxury off-road vehicles. Thus, future versions are expected to include all the features the company introduced in newer and more expensive cars such as the EQS sedan.

What if the company could offer the same EQG range and travel performance as the EQS and EQE vehicles on the company's new electric vehicle platform. The wait for the electric G car might be worth it.

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