Mercedes unveils its electric car EQE
Mercedes unveils its electric car EQE

Mercedes has introduced the EQE, a sedan slightly smaller than its flagship EQS electric sedan, which is based on the same technology platform.

The EQE will be presented at IAA Mobility 2021 alongside other electric vehicles, including the EQB and AMG sedans, the Maybach version of the EQS and G-Wagen electric vehicles.

Although the EQE is 3.5 inches shorter than the EQS, it has many of the same features as the company's flagship electric vehicle.

However, some of the unique EQS functions are no longer standard. There is a super huge screen on the dashboard. But only as an option.

A geared rear axle is also available as an option. EQE also received live updates and upgrades.

The EQE rear-wheel drive starter model uses the same 90-kilowatt battery as the base EQS model, and the company says the model can travel 660 kilometers on a full charge.

Compared to the 516-horsepower EQS all-wheel drive, the EQE makes 288 horsepower. The company said it will offer a second edition when it is released. It is a good thing that it does not indicate whether this other form of EQA is more or less appropriate.

However, by relying on the electric vehicle platform and foregoing the internal combustion fuel system, Mercedes says the EQE's internal dimensions are significantly larger than the size of the current E-Class.

In practice, this means that the person sitting in front of him has one centimeter more space and the inner length is three centimeters longer.

Mercedes unveils its electric car EQE

The EQS looks like a real competitor to the Tesla Model S Plaid. Hence, EQE is trying to provide affordable access to one of the company's electric vehicles.

Compared to some of the company's early attempts (such as EQC), EQE is perhaps a promising player in the market. EQC is full of perks because it is based on an internal combustion engine platform rather than an electric vehicle platform.

"After the EQS, the EQE is the second model on our premium and premium electric vehicle platforms," ​​the company said. This speed of innovation demonstrates the advantages of a scalable architecture. EQE enables us to offer high-tech EQS solutions to more buyers.

The company added that the bodywork is made of recycled steel. Many of the internal components are made from recycled and renewable materials, including cable ducts. Less than 10% of the chemical composition of the battery is cobalt.

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