Netflix presented a documentary on the QuadrigaCX platform
Netflix presented a documentary on the QuadrigaCX platform

Netflix has released a number of long-awaited documentaries about criminal cases. In addition to the second season of “Tiger King,” there is also a documentary that deals with one of the most chaotic Bitcoin stories to date.

The movie “Trust Nobody: The Quest for the King of Cryptocurrency” premiered in 2022. It is about a group of cryptocurrency investors who become amateur investigators.

The organization is trying to uncover the suspicious cause of death of Gerald Cotten, co-founder and CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange, and find out where the $250 million it believes was stolen from the platform.

Cotten is the founder of QuadrigaCX, known as Canada's largest crypto platform. Cotton died of complications from Crohn's disease in December 2018.

The death was recorded at a hospital in Jaipur, India, where Curtin and his wife are opening an orphanage. Jaipur authorities also recorded his death certificate, which was later confirmed by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But QuadrigaCX customers didn't learn of Cotten's death until mid-January, long after his funeral.

Cotten's widow Jennifer Robertson said the company continued to operate after Cotton's death. But he stated shortly thereafter that most of QuadrigaCX's funds were unusable and could never be recovered.

According to his widow, Cotten is the only person who knows the password for QuadrigaCX's cold offline wallet. When he died, this information was lost.

This means that the digital currency, worth about C$200 million, will not be available at the beginning of 2019.

Netflix introduces the history of the QuadrigaCX Bitcoin platform

However, Internet investigators have revealed surprising details about this legend. Cotton wrote a will a month before his death, leaving his widow with all of his possessions, some belongings, and a plane and yacht.

Others believed that QuadrigaCX did not have enough money to pay off all 76,000 of its creditors, and even Cotten faked his death and disappeared with the money.

The company halted operations in 2019 after filing for bankruptcy to block payments to creditors.

The FBI began its investigation that year, looking for information about people who lost money after Cotten's death and the collapse of QuadrigaCX.

It remains to be seen if this documentary can contain specific details about the accuracy of the saga. But the spotlight should at least point to one of the most interesting cases of cryptography in recent years.

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