EYETOO 4K Rear View Dash Cam Mirror Camera
EYETOO 4K Rear View Dash Cam Mirror Camera

EYETOO Driving Recorder Rear View Mirror, 12 Inch 4K Rear View Mirror, GPS Voice Control Camera, Full Speed ​​Touch Screen with Waterproof Rear Camera, Front & Rear Driving Recorder with Parking Assistant, Night Vision

  •     📸 [4K UHD Driving Recorder Mirror 4K UHD Driving Recorder This rear view camera can capture license plates and traffic lights from a distance with perfect clarity. The 12-inch screen allows you to easily switch between the front and rear viewing angles and viewing angles of both cameras. The dashboard mirror camera can record in high enough resolution to see your car in motion.
  •     📸 [Wide Angle Drive Recorder Without Blind Spots] This drive recorder uses 170° ultra wide-angle front camera and 160° rear view camera. It provides a wider and wider viewing experience than traditional mirrors, reduces blind spots and becomes safer while driving.
  •     📸 [Built-in Voice Commands] You can use this rear view camera instead of touching the screen to lock the video, switch the front/rear camera screen, turn the screen on/off, etc. to make your experience safer and more secure. More comfortable driving experience.
  •     📸 [Super Night Vision] Equipped with SONY STARVIS sensor and F1.8 large aperture 6 glass lens, this car camera can capture clearer and detailed pictures at night with less consumption. Be sure to collect evidence.
  •     [GPS Rear View Camera] An additional GPS module can track your driving speed and route in real time. If you use Gxplayer to play the recorded video on PC, you can find out exactly when and where the incident happened. It provides you with sufficient security.
  •     📸 [Safe Park Assist] When reversing, the mirror camera parking guidance is activated to ensure a safe and comfortable parking. (To use this function, the red cable of the reverse camera must be connected to the positive pole of the reverse light.)
  •     📸 [7x7 Parking Screen] This driving camera has a smart parking mode. When it detects a sudden shake or collision, the built-in G-sensor triggers the car's built-in camera to record 30 seconds of video and lock the video clip. Your security is protected for 24 hours.

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