Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant smells from clothes
Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant smells from clothes

The German multinational company Bosch, which makes almost all of its products, has launched the FreshUp, a portable electronic device that allows you to reach your clothes without washing them in the washing machine.

You can sprinkle FreshUp on your clothes and deodorize even when you're wearing them. Freely circulating plasma is used in negatively and positively charged particles.

When this device, which charges like a phone, is turned on and penetrates tissues, it disperses these invisible clouds of gas from plasma particles.

The device is calibrated and can use the right amount of energy to remove odors without damaging the fabric.

The idea is to remove odors from clean clothes, which means they don't have any visible stains on them.

FreshUp is a 6.5-inch machine with a 2-inch processing area at the bottom.

After loading and opening, press to dry until the smell dissipates. The device acts as an ionizer and generates plasma, which, according to Bosch, can break the bonds between scent molecules.

The design of the upper device resembles a series of interlocking lines of magnetic force. This pattern glows white on the back and turns purple when it ionizes your clothes.

Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant smells from clothes

Charging the battery takes about four hours, giving you an hour of processing time before you have to flip the wire. The company chose a micro-USB port instead of a USB-C port for charging.

Once you have treated your clothes with FreshUp, you will become aware of the ionization in the air. When you bite your tongue, it smells like your mouth.

The company said FreshUp was designed to break the supposed habit of separating worn, but not too soiled clothes from other clothes to make them stand out.

After the treatment, Bush added, it also removes strong odors such as cigarette smoke and body odor, and makes clothes look like they've been hung to dry.

FreshUp is priced at $342, which makes it perfect for travel. However, don't expect the effects to be as good as washing clothes in a washing machine.

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