JOMISE G860 4K Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
JOMISE G860 4K Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

JOMISE G860 4K Car Mirror Drive Recorder, 12" IPS Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Rear View Camera, Sony Sensor, Super Night Vision, GPS Tracking, Loop Recording, Parking / Secondary Monitor

Ultra HD 4K resolution

4K Ultra HD front camera with excellent modulation performance, whether it is remote view or close-up view of license plates and traffic lights, it can record excellent and clear video effects for you. Various details can be recorded clearly.

Wide Dynamic Range + High Dynamic Range

WDR + HDR technology is suitable for dark or backlit environments. It can restore the true color of the object to the fullest extent, provide the best color rendering, and protect your eyes from strong or weak light.

Two modes of decision

The front and rear mirror drive recorder supports two video recordings in 4K + 1080P or 2.5K + 2.5K resolution, which can be selected as needed. We recommend 2.5K + 2.5K.

adjustable viewing angle

This dual lens front and rear camera can manually adjust the field of view up and down while driving or reversing for the best field of view. You can swipe left to switch between the front and back perspectives, and swipe right to watch the video.

Reverse help

When the "R" gear is engaged, the rearview mirror automatically appears on the display and provides information about comfortable and safe parking. This function is activated by the red cable of the reverse camera, which is connected to the positive pole of the reverse light.

wider perspective

The front and rear cameras use perfectly tuned SONY Starvis sensors and have powerful night vision capabilities. The front view angle is up to 170° and the rear view angle is up to 160°. The wider field of view can effectively reduce blind spots in the field of view.

JOMISE G860 4K Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
JOMISE G860 4K Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

  •  [UHD 4K Mirror Dashcam] - G860 supports two resolution modes: Front 4K (3840 x 2160) + Rear 1080p (1920 x 1080) or Front 2.5K (2560 x 1440) + Rear 2.5K (2560) x 144 more fine-tuning will work The lens provides a clearer vision for you, so you can see everything from road signs to license plates.
  • [Large Size and Large Field of View] --- The 160-degree viewing angle rear view camera transmits the dynamics of the rear of the vehicle in real time to a 12-inch screen, and its field of view is three ordinary folding rearview mirrors. The wider field of view reduces blind spots and enables safer driving.
  • [Super Night Vision] --- G860 4K night vision goggles camera uses two high-quality Sony Starvis sensors in the front and rear cameras with HiSilicon processor, F1.8 large aperture and WDR / HDR technology for clear night scene quality.
  • 【GPS Tracking】 - The dual lens camera's GPS module records accurate speed and location data while driving and plays the recorded videos via a dedicated GPS player.
  • [2 Years Warranty + Worry-Free Customer Service] --- Our goal is to ensure a good user experience. We offer 24 months warranty on host and accessories. We have a professional customer service team, provide 24/7 service and provide you with fast and professional after-sales support.
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  • 𝐍 𝐍 𝐅 𝐅 Content Update:. The rear camera provides mirror and vertical flip functions to enhance the customer's reversing experience. . Remove the parking protection function and solve the problem of machine failure due to common functions. Note: The parking monitoring function is still available and a cable set must be connected.

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