Why didn't Apple launch iPhone 13 as iPhone 12S?
Why didn't Apple launch iPhone 13 as iPhone 12S?

A few days ago, Apple held a highly anticipated press conference in which it announced a number of new devices. The protagonist of this event is the iPhone 13 with different versions. Although Apple has introduced many new functions and features, it is not enough yet.

There are four different versions of the new iPhone generation, the regular iPhone 13 version, the mini version, the Pro version and the Pro Max version. Apple offers longer battery life, faster processor, smaller screen, improved camera, and support for the higher refresh rate of the Pro version.

On the other hand, Apple holds a press conference every year, which means that the iPhone 13 release will remain the flagship version of the iPhone for a whole year. Many users believe that the new version of the iPhone 12S lives up to its name.

This is because the design of this phone is identical to the previous generation, or more precisely the previous generations, in addition to the fact that the A14 Bionic processor is already a very powerful processor, which means that the new A15 Bionic will not make any breakthroughs. . In addition, Apple has always insisted that the old Lightning charging port be used instead of switching to USB-C.

iPhone 12S instead of iPhone 13

This opinion spread widely on the Twitter platform and tech enthusiasts began to describe the new generation of iPhone phones as closer to the S version than the main one. The same thing happened with the 4S, 5S, 6S and XS versions. Because Apple first released the flagship version, then the S version.

Apple started to break this habit with the iPhone 7. The design of this phone is similar to that of the iPhone 6. Apple did not release its own S version later. Then Apple did the same with the iPhone 8.

But later in 2018, Apple released the XS version. It's the S version of the iPhone X. Perhaps the only reason is to get a new design and bring a bigger version of the XS Max to market.

Since then, Apple has stopped using the S name on its smartphones. Instead, it provides a number for every new mobile phone, from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 to this year's iPhone 13.

The fierce competition between Apple and Samsung, especially in the United States, may have prompted it to rely on numbers and ignore the name of the S, especially after Apple ignored the number 9 in the iPhone version and on the iPhone 10, i.e. the transformation of the iPhone X. Go directly to Samsung with the same number.

Of course, the letter S at the end of the iPhone name is not very attractive. Because it means that this iPhone offers only slight improvements over the previous flagship iPhone. This caused users to ignore it and wait for the next major release.

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