Everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 camera
Everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 camera

The camera is one of the most important components of every smartphone. Competition between companies for photography skills is fierce, especially in the leading category. Apple has greatly improved the camera functions in the latest iPhone 13.

In its text at the conference, Apple said that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini offer the most modern and advanced dual-camera system ever. However, it was mentioned that the Pro version also offers the company's most powerful triple-camera system.

Users cannot fully consent to Apple products and services. It is always the source of controversy. However, this does not negate that Apple has made some significant improvements to the iPhone 13, especially in the Pro version.

Apple has increased the sensor size on a number of cameras for the first time since the XS and XR launched in 2018. One of the most important mobile phones that actually affects image quality is, increasing the size of the sensor in general increases the amount of light entering the imaging system.

iPhone 13 . camera

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini versions zoom in on the main camera sensor. If you don't know, that's why you changed the design of the rear view camera because the larger sensor required more interior mounting space. This forces Apple to redesign the camera.

Apple did not specify the size of the new sensor, but said it can capture up to 47% of light. The company has added an optical sensor shift stabilization feature, which allows the sensor to move in a small area to improve video stability.

In addition to the faster aperture and f/1.5 aperture, the Pro and Pro Max versions now offer a larger main sensor, which also makes it possible to capture more light when taking photos.

The company did not tell us the size of the new sensor, but it was officially mentioned during the press conference that the pixel size of the Pro version can reach 1.9 micrometers. It's bigger than any smartphone currently available. This greatly improves night photography.

Hardware and software integration

In general, the company did not mention many details about the new devices, in general it will not compete with Android phones en masse, but in terms of actual performance and capabilities. This becomes even more apparent when iPhones generally perform better and produce better photos than Android phones with cameras over 100 megapixels.

Going back to the Pro and Pro Max versions, the company didn't say how much the ultra-wide angle sensor and telephoto zoom sensor had changed. However, I just mentioned that large sensors are getting faster. The focal length of the zoom sensor is now three times the focal length of the iPhone 12 Pro.

There is no doubt that Apple handles software camera functions explicitly. Although the main camera is the same, the iPhone 11 offers a better recording experience than the iPhone XS. Undoubtedly, in the new version the company will show everything it has.

When it comes to video, there is no doubt that Apple offers the best video shooting experience ever on an iPhone. The 13th generation is no exception, with features like movie mode. Apple will also seek to make the ProRes imaging codec available for use in the new version.

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