Why doesn't Google care about tablets?
Why doesn't Google care about tablets?

Not all users agree on the importance of tablets. With the increasing size of smartphone screens, these devices have lost a lot of their value, and perhaps Google has lost interest in them as well.

Most tech-savvy people would agree that there are a lot of problems with Android tablets. This helped Apple conquer this market with iPad tablets.

However, there are still many companies experimenting in the Android tablet market. Including Samsung, which owns the flagship Galaxy Tab, and Google, which owns the Pixel Slate, it appears the company has made the decision to back down.

Company news site 9to5Google noted that the company has pulled its Pixel Slate tablet from its official store. This means that Google will withdraw from this market, especially since the company launched the device in 2018 and has not released a new version since then.

Google and the tablet market

Not surprisingly, Google no longer supports its own products and services. The entire site is online and specializes in the history of companies that have "throttled" services and products over time.

But Pixel Slate's work is strange and frustrating. This means that Google is giving up on the tablet market. Due to the growing success of Apple in this market.

Google has not yet confirmed. However, the global positioning supports the idea of ​​abandoning the tablet market. Pixel Slate is perhaps one of the most popular Android tablets. Perhaps only Google can improve Android in tablets.

The company has no explanation for neglecting the tablet market. Whether you are getting rid of Pixel Slate devices or not fully support Android on tablets.

This situation is odd given the company's recent return to interest in the hardware and smartphone industries. Due to the long-term poor sales and specifications of the Pixel phones, Google decided to relaunch the series with new processors, advanced specifications, and new designs.

Some people think that the company's interest in tablets has waned in exchange for increased interest in Chrome OS for laptops. Chrome OS is unlikely to replace Android on laptops.

The company has not yet commented on the announcement of the end of the Pixel Slate range. Nor did he make any future plans for the tablet. There is no doubt that this is good news for the iPad.

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