Apple makes more gaming revenue than PlayStation and Xbox
Apple makes more gaming revenue than PlayStation and Xbox

In recent years, Apple has developed a keen interest in gaming. Apple Arcade has proven to enable users to offer a variety of high-quality games with a simple monthly subscription. In addition, MacBook receives massive improvements in graphics performance thanks to the M1X chipset.

According to a Wall Street Journal analysis, Apple generated $8.5 billion in net income from its gaming business in just 12 months. This revenue is the same as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Activision combined.

Since Apple is the subject of a legal battle with Epic Games, its lawyers have denied this statistic, saying the number is lower than that. In fact, a large portion of that revenue comes from the percentage of Apple's in-game sales on the App Store.

Gaming apps dominate the list of best-selling apps. This is also evidenced by the results of the App Store and Google Play Store. For example, games dominate the top ten best selling apps on the Play Store.

Additionally, the company generated $45 billion in revenue through the App Store in fiscal year 2020 alone, with 30% of its revenue from Apple.

Apple games sales

As mentioned above, the American giant withdrew a significant part of the payment. This is because 30% of the amount paid goes directly to the company. Taking total sales of $45 billion, 30% is $13.5 billion.

This shows that Wall Street's analysis of the $8.5 billion in profits it made makes sense, despite the opposition of the company's lawyers.

The profits of the Cupertino giant in the gambling sector exceed the profits of large professional companies. They didn't spend as much money on those winnings as gaming companies like Sony or Microsoft. In addition, Apple owns the Apple Arcade service, which can generate significant revenue.

The arcade service is constantly updated. The game also includes high-quality, exclusive games for all of the company's devices and products, from iPhone to MacBook, iPad, and more.

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