Apple will launch a Mac version with the M1X chip this month
Apple will launch a Mac version with the M1X chip this month

Apple suddenly got rid of Intel processors in laptops. Since then I have started equipping it with a processor under development. The new processor does not require much heat dissipation, consumes little power and offers excellent performance.

The first version of the new processor appeared in the release of the MacBook the previous year. The name of the new chip is M1. It is based on ARM and has high manufacturing precision. Like a smartphone, it's a complete system in a SoC.

The chip contains a graphic processor, a central processing unit, and random access memory. Although the first-generation chipsets are performing well, Apple is expected to introduce a new generation at the upcoming Mac conference.

According to reports from the latest reliable sources, the company is planning to release an updated version of the M1 chipset, which will be called the M1X. The new version brought significant improvements in terms of performance and compatibility.

Apple usually hosts Mac meetings in late October, and the reports emerging now make them more likely to be true. However, especially since the first generation chipset brings with it some problems, many users are waiting for the release of the new generation M1 with the purchase of a new Mac.

Apple M1X chip

Expectations indicate that several versions of MacBook laptops will be released as part of the official release. In addition to the main version, the Mac Mini Desktop can also be revealed. In addition, this version will, of course, be equipped with new chipsets.

Technically speaking, the new chip will be equipped with a ten-core CPU, eight high-performance cores, and two mid-performance nubes in order to reduce power consumption. The biggest upgrade will also be the integrated graphics processor.

In fact, depending on the version, it will provide up to 16 or 32 cores, which also appeared in the old leaks. Compared with the first version, the new M1 chip is also focused on improving graphics performance.

In addition, the next version of the MacBook Pro will improve the number of available ports, adding SD card readers and HDMI ports. Some sources have also raised the possibility that Apple will come up with an overhaul for the next generation.

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