Identification documents should not be stored in Apple Wallet
Identification documents should not be stored in Apple Wallet

Smartphones are starting to replace many other devices and products. Perhaps this becomes evident when the user can pay with his smartphone instead of a credit card. Apple has a few other ideas to make the experience more comfortable.

A few weeks ago, Apple announced that it will save identity documents on the iPhone and use them instead of physical copies. This feature will soon be implemented in eight US states.

This feature relies on scanning your ID card, driver's license and other documents. Then show it directly to the people you care about through the user's iPhone. Although this idea is unique and adds to the convenience of everyday life, experts see significant risks.

These risks lead to the police gaining the right to force users to unlock their phones. It is a right that you do not currently have. In fact, any police officer can ask a citizen to unlock his cell phone and give it to him to view documents.

On the other hand, however, Apple has officially stated that "the driver's license and local ID will be displayed in encrypted form on the phone for the other party to see. This is what happens when the user fails. You don't. You must use unlock the phone for the first time." In addition, it is not necessary to hand the phone to the police. ”

Apple Wallet contains profiles

Experts assume that the police can abuse this function. For example, they can refuse to recognize files unless the phone is unlocked or the phone is within reach.

By that time, the United States had already been plagued by the abuse of power by the police. Experts also recommend always relying on personal identification when dealing with the police.

On the other hand, there was a debate. When a problem arises, the perfect excuse for mistreatment by the police is found and brought to justice. The police may not be able to view the files over the phone.

On the other hand, others think that there is no point in using this feature at all. This is because the user has provided Apple with a copy of their ID and driver's license. Even if the document is encrypted, it can be dangerous.

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