Is US Regulating Facebook After Child Safety Concerns
Is US Regulating Facebook After Child Safety Concerns

Governments have ruled against big tech companies, especially Facebook. A few months ago, the CEOs of the largest US technology companies resumed the hearing, which is clearly visible.

But it's getting more and more difficult for Facebook and its CEO. It was after corruption whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked thousands of internal company documents after leaving the company as a project manager.

While these events continue to happen in the big tech companies, the current events are the strongest. Because the leaked files contain information about how popular social media platforms treat users and their content, especially children and teens.

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Lawmakers cannot take serious action against these companies, as was the case with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But current events can inspire them to act because they have a greater impact on children and teens.

Francishaogens Leak's Facebook profile contains information about the company that reported and whitelisted celebrity accounts. This enables them to commit crimes freely on the platform. In addition, it also includes the results of the company's research on the effect of Instagram on teens, which is too bad.

US regulation of Facebook behavior

The leaked information shows that 6% of people who are considering suicide have reached this stage due to the Instagram platform. This was discovered through a survey conducted by the company, then it was hidden and not published.

At the hearing, US lawmakers agreed that the company was wrong. He stated that all popular groups were affected by Facebook and Instagram, whether they were Democrats or Republicans.

Policy makers may need the information and documents urgently. Big show this time. This is in stark contrast to recent hearings attended by executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter who relied on falsifying answers because the questions were not based on reliable documents or information.

As you might expect, the most influential document in this case is the Children's Document, which may have been the main impetus for lawmakers to reform Facebook.

This is because there is a law called the "Children's Law" on children's affairs that may particularly apply to Facebook, especially tech companies that ignore the safety and privacy of children and teens.

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