It will take Apple three years to introduce a new feature on the iPhone
It will take Apple three years to introduce a new feature on the iPhone

It will be a long time before Apple introduces new features in its products. Including iPhone. Because the new functions and functions of the operating system have to go through many stages before they finally reach the hands of the user.

Perhaps Apple's apparent delay in introducing new and needed features has drawn a lot of criticism. According to a company representative, it will take up to three years to roll out a whole new feature on the iPhone.

In other words, it takes Apple a long time to move from the stage of preparation and production to the stage of mass manufacturing. According to the company's vice president of camera hardware engineering, the company has spent a lot of time developing the iPhone 13 camera.

In addition, the company began preparing and developing the update long before its release. This includes updating and upgrading your phone's hardware. The main objective for this time is to achieve the best possible quality and performance.

The iPhone is expected to receive extensive updates over the next several years. After the leak, Apple wants to completely redesign the iPhone 14, especially with regard to the display and the top bezel.

Apple takes a long time to develop features

The iPhone 14 launch was surrounded by many leaks and expectations. Despite the fact that the iPhone 13 has not appeared in the past three weeks. But the big change for the next generation is the increased interest of users.

The new phone is expected to come with a flawless display and an in-display fingerprint sensor instead of Face ID technology. At the same time, some sources have come up with the idea of ​​adding a Face ID component to the bottom of the screen.

Apple probably desperately needs a design change, whether it's in the display or the back. But in terms of internal specifications, the company has the fastest processor in the world, as well as ample storage and random storage. The company is often criticized for using the same design for three years.

It is also mentioned that Apple has made a foldable phone based on the leak, but it is not likely to be released next year but is expected to be released in 2024.

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