Learn more about smart plugs
Learn more about smart plugs

The smart plug is one of the most important smart devices that you can rely on to organize and manage your smart home remotely.

With Smart Plugs, you can turn any non-smart devices you have at home into smart devices that can be controlled and managed remotely.

Therefore, through these devices, you can connect any electrical device that relies on electrical sockets for its power and then turn it into a smart device.

Smart plugs features

The functions and uses of smart plugs vary by model and manufacturer, as each company has its own advantages.

Some smart outlets support voice commands and voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo Flex allow you to direct commands to a wall outlet.

And all sockets have the ability to connect to the Internet and control them directly from your phone through the application.

On some devices, you can control them using voice commands from a voice assistant supported by your phone, whether it's Alexa or Siri.

And you can remote control the smart plug and set a schedule to turn it on and off based on usage or need, and you can get it up and running at a specific time.

You can also get data and information about the use of devices connected to the socket, because the socket monitors power consumption.

Some models come with a separate external remote control that allows you to fully control the socket without using a mobile phone.

Some electrical outlets are designed to work with external devices outside your home so you can control them without leaving your home.

Smart plugs can monitor power consumption and prevent the device from consuming power when it is not in use or in standby mode.

It also prevents power surges that damage electrical devices, because if it senses an overvoltage, it automatically turns off the device.

Compared to other smart devices, smart plugs are cheaper, so you can easily turn your home into a smart home.

They are also built to high standards so that you can protect your devices from voltage fluctuations and surges.

These surges can damage many electrical appliances throughout the year, so using smart plugs is a practical solution.

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