Twitter is testing ads in responses to tweets
Twitter is testing ads in responses to tweets

Twitter wants to add new placement options to its ad inventory in the tweet reply thread. Following the example of Bruce Falk, the platform's product sales employee, the new ad option sees promotional information in first tweet responses to the conversation.

The new format is still being tested. Therefore, only certain users will see the promotional tweets. If you take the test, you'll see the ad after the first, third, or eighth reply to the Tweet.

However, you can imagine that there could be a backlash as users of the platform are generally resistant to change. Especially changes that put more ads and distract them from discussions in the app.

However, this new experiment has an interesting alternative view. As Falk also pointed out, this option can fundamentally enhance direct tweet monetization, and users of tweets can subscribe to these ads and thus generate a portion of the revenue.

This is in line with the platform's efforts to monetize creators and encourage more popular users to tweet more often. However, it may also be important to allow retroactive activation selectively.

For example, if a Tweet is trending, you will often see the creator of the Tweet add an additional reply to highlight a charity where the Tweet may get more exposure.

Twitter hopes to create new opportunities for brands

The platform seems to think that they can all use viral tweets and get paid for their performance.

Ideally, this process allows you to monetize all responses to tweets without registration. But if you can open it up to a specific tweet, it can come in handy.

This option can be useful for people who post tweets that have received a lot of attention. It also gives more reasons for more people to keep trying and stay more active on the app.

The platform said that testing is still in its early stages and will be trying different versions, layouts, and contextual placements in the coming months.

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