YouTube Adds New Caption Options
YouTube Adds New Caption Options

YouTube platform has announced new developments in its video captioning tool that will make it easier for more channels to add captions to videos.

The platform said it is now offering automatic subtitles for live broadcasts in English from all content creators.

Previously, automatic translation was only available for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers and access to it was previously restricted.

This change, along with some future improvements and detailed information from the company in its blog post, is intended to help simplify the platform for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Some of these updates include automatic, real-time translation for 12 additional languages, not just English (including Japanese, Turkish, and Spanish). Multiple audio tracks can be added to the video to support multiple languages ​​and audio descriptions for visually impaired people.

The platform is now open to all broadcasters and provides content creators with more opportunities to improve the accessibility of their content.

You can use YouTube Studio's broadcast settings to enable automatic real-time subtitles. This adds another element to the flow and provides more opportunities to connect with different target groups and target groups.

The platform also announced that it will add more automatic translation languages ​​in the future.

YouTube has expanded its subtitle options to mobile devices as well. This option is currently available on the desktop where users can translate the available subtitle tracks into another language.

The same functionality was quickly added to the mobile application. This increases the audience's ability to consume content in their native language.

YouTube offers real-time subtitles to all YouTube users

The platform also allows searching for video texts. This allows viewers to find specific videos based on the subtitle text.

The platform states that users can view searchable texts and search for the most relevant information. This way, they can find the most interesting information without having to watch the entire video.

This can provide more functionality in terms of monitoring key signals and keeping track of certain elements of the clip. Additionally, YouTube plans to offer the same functionality to mobile apps in the future.

They are useful add-ons whose functionality can facilitate different use cases and contribute to better accessibility.

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