Samsung promises support for the Matter smart home standard
Samsung promises support for the Matter smart home standard

At last week's developer conference, Google promised to adopt the new Matter smart home standard. Apple added Matter support in iOS 15 to WWDC, and Samsung is now following in that company's footsteps.

The company announced the full adoption of Matter standards in Galaxy devices, TVs, home hubs, and SmartThings hubs at this week's SDC21 Virtual Developer Conference.

The South Korean company is a founding member of Matter Group, formerly Project ChiP, and announced that it has also joined the Thread Group board of directors and is working with Apple, Google and Qualcomm to shape the future of the core agreement. Hardware equipment continues.

Matter is a new communication standard created through industry collaboration that aims to become an application protocol for the smart home. After commissioning in early 2022, purchasing and configuring network-connected devices will be simplified.

With Matter, consumers should be able to purchase any Matter-compatible smart home device and know that it can work with any smart home and voice assistant system, no matter who makes it.

You should also be able to use the same app to configure and connect each device through the same process. This is for convenience.

By adopting the Matter SmartThings standard, you can add devices that were not previously able to connect to the SmartThings app or hub. You can also connect SmartThings-enabled devices to other Matter-enabled smart home systems.

Samsung is working hard to advance smart home standards

If you want to use the Google Home app, the SmartThings app, or the Apple Home app to control your device, you can do so without worrying about the Google, SmartThings, or HomeKit-enabled device.

This is important if the device is working properly. However, it works with all three apps and all three compatible voice assistants (and many others).

SmartThings was founded in 2015 and has always been one of the most open platforms in the smart home system. It supports Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols and Matter is now being added.

Regarding SmartThings products that support Matter, the company said it has full support for the SmartThings app. All current SmartThings hubs use this standard, including those now built by Aeotec.

Samsung Matter is used as a controller for TVs, smart devices and other Galaxy products.

The company also announced that it is trying to implement SmartThings on home hub TVs and refrigerators. This means that in theory a separate SmartThings hub device is not required.

SmartThings is losing its physical assets and moving to a more integrated hardware experience with Samsung products.

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