Tik Tok and Snapchat in front of Congress because of Facebook
Tik Tok and Snapchat in front of Congress because of Facebook

In the past few weeks, Facebook has continued to get into trouble, which has made it more and more popular. In fact, the company has been criticized by digital security experts, journalists, and even the US government. This is reflected in companies such as Tik Tok and Snap.

A hearing was held in the US Senate last Tuesday, attended by technology leaders such as Tik Tok, Snap and YouTube owner Google. Although Google has already attended more than one meeting, this is the first precedent for Snap and Tik Tok.

The meeting was all about the safety of children and young adults, and it appears that the main focus of the participating companies has been detaching from Facebook as they try to convince the board of directors that they are very different from the telecom giants.

The reason for this is the recent "Facebook Profile" leak. This illustrates the serious negative effects of Facebook on children and youth and its desperate attempts to get this generation to use its platform.

It is also reported that the hearing itself is the result of these leaked documents, which are official documents leaked by the company's former project manager. For this reason, the company has tried to bypass Facebook's actions in every possible way.

Facebook's impact on Tik Tok and Snap

Snapchat was designed as an alternative to social networking today and tried to explain the big difference between Facebook and Snapchat.

In addition, Tik Tok's Director of Public Policy stated that Tik Tok is a platform for viewing and sharing short videos and the option for direct communication between users when using the app is disabled by default.

Although public system administrators for these companies released statements, meeting members remain concerned that these platforms use the same nefarious tactics as Facebook and Instagram.

For example, Senator Richard Blumenthal said that the difference between Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook is not a defense in itself.

The Senate reportedly summoned Facebook's chief digital security officer ahead of this hearing. Frances Hogan also called out the Facebook profile leak. It is about discussing the negative impact of Facebook's products and services on teens and young adults.

In fact, according to the leak, Instagram had a negative impact, causing some users to self-harm. The leak also included a research report on this that Facebook produced. However, the company certainly didn't make it public.

At the last hearing, the two companies agreed to publish and make available all internal research and research. This is to show the goodwill and transparency that Facebook has done.

Although Snap, Tik Tok and YouTube have worked hard to get out of the situation. However, Mark Zuckerberg tried to prevent this from happening during the last dividend meeting. He says here that the presence of these competitors is the reason for the company's change of its competitive strategy.

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