Twitter and Tik Tok's interest in NFT technology may increase its penetration
Twitter and Tik Tok's interest in NFT technology may increase its penetration

Twitter, which has taken an interest in NFT technology more than once, has begun developing an experimental feature that allows users to use their NFT themes as personal photos. In addition, these images are marked as icons.

A Twitter software engineer discovered just how lethargic this feature is in a short video. This functionality allows Twitter accounts to be linked to e-wallets on the blockchain. As seen in Aflac's tweet, this reveal is official and she has asked her followers to share their opinions and suggestions.

Twitter users have been using their NFT themes as selfies for a long time. With this new functionality, Twitter supports them and makes their work easier. On the other hand, some users of all social media use NFT owned images which is copyright infringement.

If you don't know, this is a very serious problem. Presenter Mike Winkelman sold his boards in NFT for $69 million, and OpenSea NFT store sales average $4 billion.

This technology has been very successful because it enables users to own digital objects. The property is registered on the blockchain and anything can be sold, just as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet.

Twitter and Tik Tok are interested in NFT technology

Once Twitter introduces new features, owners of digital products can prove their ownership rights through the NFT. This can lead to increased interest in technology, especially among wealthy people who like to look good, as buying NFT products and using them as a selfie reflects the good image of many users.

It seems that Twitter is not the only social network interested in NFT technology. Not long ago, TikTok announced the launch of a range of products within the NFT inspired by select creators such as Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, and Curtis Roach.

As part of this achievement, Tik Tok will sell six of the platform's most popular clips. In addition, the proceeds from sales go directly to the makers of these clips. In addition, NFT artists are also paid.

This shows us that the platform is trying to take advantage of NFT technology. Given the madness of this technology and the huge amounts you are paying for digital products, this is a natural move as well. In addition, the CEO of DigitalBits said that this technology will dramatically change the perception of ownership in the digital world.

On the other hand, this idea is still largely illogical. While anyone can buy and own other people's content, the content is still in the owner's name, just like tweets from Jack Dorsey or TikTok clips.

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