What are Google services for GMS phones?
What are Google services for GMS phones?

The Android operating system is known as an open source system and was developed by Google. This is indeed true. Anyone can change the system, even if most of the code has been changed.

In fact, this is not so, the operating system is open and this is true, but to use it perfectly, the manufacturer should trust Google. The open source part of the system is called the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), but in actual use the company needs a plugin.

This component is an acronym for GMS, Google Mobile Service, or Google Smart Phone Service. Of course this part is not open source but Google sold the license to the manufacturer.

Most smartphones sold today come with Google smartphone services. Of course, there are exceptions. Google services for smartphones consist of a large number of applications and programming interfaces installed at the base of the system.

APIs play an important role in the normal functioning of any Android phone. Since it can be used by developers to easily access the internal parts of the system on the one hand, it is also used to integrate other applications with Google services.

What are Google services for GMS phones?

APIs can be defined as links in the system to other applications. For example, an app can use the API to turn on a flashlight or perform more complex operations, such as tracking body movements during exercise.

In addition, Google Play Store Service, Google Payment Service, and Play Game Service are based on the same API.

Although these APIs make the developer's job easier, they also make it difficult to use an operating system that does not depend on Google.

The importance of Google services for smartphones is clearly growing, as OS updates are closely related to them. In addition, it also depends on the activation of services such as "Find My Device" and "Smart Lock". In addition, many applications rely on Google services to send notifications and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) services.

Can Android be used without it?

The Android operating system can be used on smartphones without Google services, which has already happened with Huawei phones and phones used in China. However, users face major issues when trying to use the Google service. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to run any application that depends on Google services.

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