Twitter makes it easy for you to access reverse timeline feeds
Twitter makes it easy for you to access reverse timeline feeds

Twitter is testing a new option that will make it easier for users to switch from an account they follow to a frequent tweet schedule, which has long been one of the top requests from users of the platform.

The platform is now making it easier to see the latest tweets by adding a time-scroll option, which means you can see the latest tweets by just swiping left.

As shown in the demo, users can click the "star" icon in the feed to go to the list of recent tweets of 2018, which were added after the platform became very concerned about its decision to update. I implemented the streaming algorithm two years ago.

It is advantageous for the platform to switch to the standard algorithm feed, because engagement in tweets has been steadily increasing since this option was introduced. This option presents your Tweets based on overall engagement and personal interaction behavior in the app.

However, many users of the platform have found that the feeds detected by the algorithm are incompatible with highlighting the latest news and updates in real time.

Twitter wants to make it easier for you to access your most recent tweets

As a result, over time there have been calls to remove the algorithm. Although the platform has the option to switch to the most recent tweet for the past three years. The conclusion goes back to the algorithm. And you can't set "last" as the default, which frustrates users.

Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) made implicit criticism in this regard. Although the new test is not a big change. But it does provide a faster and easier way to access the latest tweets.

With the recent controversy on Facebook and new demands to regulate the way the feed algorithm works, it's time to take this test.

Frances Hoggin told a Senate committee that she believes Facebook's news-sharing algorithm is malicious. Modification or even removal will improve the result.

Twitter now allows users to display the content of their apps as they see fit and essentially turn off the algorithm in a simpler way. This is another easy option to control the experience in the app in addition to a menu-based schedule. This helps users to see the tweets they want.

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