iOS 15.2 Fixes iPhone 13 Pro Macro Mode Problem
iOS 15.2 Fixes iPhone 13 Pro Macro Mode Problem

Apple's latest beta release of iOS 15.2 simplifies the iPhone 13 Pro's macro mode by adding a button that allows you to turn it on and off.

One tricky aspect of the new camera system in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is the macro mode, which is initially activated automatically without the option to turn the function off or on manually.

After Apple first saw the option to disable automatic macros in iOS 15.1, Apple added a toggle option for the Camera app for iOS 15.2 in the second beta.

When you are close enough to an object to take a macro photo, an icon that looks like a small flower will appear. You can easily turn the auto macro mode on and off without having to make any settings.

A video showing how this feature currently works in the second beta of iOS 15.2. If you turn off automatic macros, this button will appear when you get close to something.

When you click it, it looks like the auto macro restarts and your phone goes into macro mode. If you click the button again, the auto macro will be disabled and you will be returned to the normal camera.

When the iPhone 13 series launched, some reviewers said that auto switching to macro mode could be annoying because the phone doesn't show any UI change when changing the lens (the d pointer target won't go from 1x to 0, changed 5 times as usual).

This is how the system should work from the start

Apple fixes this by entering the switch that allows you to disable the auto toggle (Settings > Camera > Auto Macro). But that complicates things a bit.

After switching to an ultra wide-angle camera and getting close to the subject, you'll get different results than in the macro mode. To fully reproduce the macro effect, you will also need to manually zoom up to 0.9x.

The new changes help make things easier. If you don't want to think about it, you can run the auto macro. When you're close enough, the iPhone 13 Pro takes macro photos.

If you prefer more precise control, you can turn off automatic macros. However, if you want to use the button that appears when the phone thinks you're trying to take a macro shot, you can still easily enter the mode.

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