TikTok collaborates with Disney on text-to-speech
TikTok collaborates with Disney on text-to-speech

Disney has partnered with TikTok to add official voices for its characters from the Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney cartoon brands to the text-to-speech functionality of popular social media apps.

This allows you to have your notes read by popular Disney characters like C-3PO and Chubacka and Stormtrooper in Star Wars and Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As part of the Disney Plus Day promotion, the voice of the new character will be released on the app to celebrate the service's second anniversary.

Speech can be similar to normal TTS speech via the platform. After recording the video, click the text button on the screen and enter the content for which you want to turn on the text-to-speech feature.

Then press the "Text-to-Speech" button to select a voice. You not only see the commonly used presets offered by the platform, but also the new Disney sounds.

The company now has five different standards. It did so after a RTE lawsuit earlier this year.

As part of the promotion, you will first have to use certain keywords to unlock new Disney sounds.

As part of the Disney Plus Day celebrations

The collaboration with Disney isn't the first time TikTok has introduced text-to-speech advertising effects. The app previously worked with Paramount to add a "scream"-like soundtrack that sounds like a grimace to match the trailer for the upcoming horror movie.

The two companies did not reveal how many new text-to-speech characters are available.

The new partnership with Tik Tok was formed after Disney Plus recently launched an official platform-wide account. It features content that revolves around the show's origin, character, and talent.

Disney announced this new feature as part of a number of Disney Plus Day ads, as well as a number of other promotions (including the first month of Disney Plus for new and old subscribers at $1.99).

The company-wide Disney Plus Day event is designed to celebrate the second anniversary of the service's first launch and an attempt to attract subscribers to the service. The service saw its lowest growth rate since the subscription service launched in the September quarter of 2021.

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