Tesla delivered nearly 1 million cars in 2021
Tesla delivered nearly 1 million cars in 2021

A report from the company showed that Tesla delivered 936,172 vehicles in 2021, setting a record delivery volume, an 87% increase from 499,550 deliveries in 2020.

In the last quarter of 2021 alone, the company delivered 308,600 vehicles, which is more than the 241,300 vehicles delivered in the third quarter.

These deliveries include 11,750 Model S and X and 29,6,850 Model 3 and Y.

The Models 3 and Y also made up the bulk of annual deliveries at 936,172 units, while the Models S and X delivered 24,964 units.

The company had previously announced that it would increase shipments by about 50% each year. Even if the million shipments are not reached, it still exceeds the annual growth target.

In November, an internal memo revealed that CEO Elon Musk advised employees not to rush into quarterly deliveries and instead focus on cost savings.

Musk said he expects the company's plants in California and China to deliver large numbers of vehicles to customers in December.

Tesla delivered 308,600 vehicles in the last quarter of 2021

The persistent shortage of chips has caused many automakers, including Tesla, to cut back on their spending.

The company reformulated its plan last year to mitigate the effects of the shortage. The company was also forced to temporarily suspend production at its California facility in February. Some customers also reported that their cars lacked USB ports, possibly due to the shortage.

However, after car rental company Hertz added 100,000 Tesla cars to its fleet, Tesla's market capitalization topped $1,000 billion in October.

The third quarter of 2021 is the most profitable quarter for the company. However, since the results for the fourth quarter of 2021 have not yet been announced, this situation may change.

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