Ali Baba founder donates masks to the United States and Europe
Ali Baba founder donates masks to the United States and Europe

The founder of the Chinese billionaire Alibaba Corporation has agreed to donate two million pairs of masks to be distributed in Europe. The first batch arrived in Belgium, providing the United States with 500,000 new coronaviruses and 100,000 face masks exposed to the country due to the lack of diagnostic tools for life threatening diseases.

The proposal came a few hours after U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and provided $ 50 billion in federal funding to fight the virus, at a time when government officials were testing and responding very slowly because of the disease that spread from Asia to the American coast.

According to the Alibaba and JAC Foundation, a cargo plane containing half a million protective mask and other medical supplies (such as test equipment) landed at Liege Airport and in the region, and Walloon Belgium and Liege Airport said the cargo would be shipped to Italy. What a charity

With more flights arriving at the airport in the coming days, the airport will become the most important European cargo center for e-commerce in Alibaba. "He will donate 500,000 test instruments for the emerging coronavirus and donate 1 million masks to the United States," said Ma Yun. Urges international cooperation to deal with the health crisis.

"Thanks to our country's expertise, rapid and accurate testing, and appropriate protection equipment for professionals, health is the most effective way to prevent the virus from spreading. We hope our donations will help Americans fight this epidemic," said founder of giant electronic commerce Ali Baba, the richest man in China, in a statement. .

The Chinese billionaire has said that his organization has contributed to delivering similar shipments to countries affected by the virus, such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Spain, in the past few weeks. "No country can deal with the epidemic that we face today, and we cannot overcome it unless we reach the borders. Resources and exchange of our experiences and lessons," he said.

China is the world's largest supplier of masks, and the country has stopped exporting to the rest of the world. With the Corona virus escalating in China in January, the country bought most of the global supply.

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